Christmas is a time for joy and peace, for being with loved ones and giving and sharing. But sometimes the Xmas holidays can also be overwhelming and stressful. So why not break the routine this year and find somewhere far far away from the stress to relax and recharge. Imagine, you could spend some quality time with your family and friends and even put aside some time for yourself!. Here’s our top 10 reasons why you should pick Vanuatu as your next Christmas holiday destination.

1. Less travelling, more relaxing Christmas in vanuatu

It takes less than half the time to get to Vanuatu than it does to get to other popular island destinations like Fiji (and less than a 3rd of the time to get to Bali). We’re talking around 2.5hrs from Brisbane or 4.5hrs from Sydney – the upshot being you get to spend more time relaxing and less time travelling. More importantly, unlike other crowded destinations in Asia and Indonesia, there are no huge lines at the airport, no vendors hassling you and no crazy traffic – instead there is just that welcoming, laid back island vibe!

2. The Vanuatu people celebrate Christmas just like you do

Vanuatu is predominantly a Christian country (83% of the population) made up mostly of Presbyterians, Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Seventh-day Adventists. So why not join in with the local communities/churches for Christmas in Vanuatu and attend a religious service or celebration Vanuatu style! The singing alone is worth it (Vanuatu people sing in perfect harmony and with great passion).

3. You can have a white Christmas

No, not snow, but sand! Beaches like Champagne Beach on Espiritu Santo have some of the whitest, fluffiest sand in the south Pacific. Let the kids build sandcastles while you swim and snorkel on the nearby reef – Christmas in Vanuatu sounds good right?

Christmas in vanuatu

*Photo courtesy of Tourism Vanuatu

4. No cleaning or washing up

Many of the larger resorts/restaurants put on Christmas lunches and dinners for their guests so instead of being stuck washing dishes and cleaning up on Christmas day, let someone else do it for you! Best of all you can choose from a traditional style Christmas feast (roast turkey/ham with all the trimmings) or go the tropical version (fresh seafood/sliced meats, tropical fruits and salads)

5. You can avoid the stress and the running around

When you turn your Christmas into a Vanuatu holiday, all that last minute rushing around for presents, food, finding carparks, dealing with traffic, organising parties, entertaining relatives is….gone! Instead, you can just kick back and relax with your family and friends and enjoy not just Christmas day but also all the days leading up to it!

Christmas in vanuatu santo vanuatu accommodation


6. Give something back

In recent years Vanuatu’s rural communities have suffered from numerous natural disasters (cyclones, volcanic eruptions etc) – many of the poorer villages live in third world conditions. So instead of making Christmas all about you, why not hook up with one of the many charitable organisations scattered throughout the islands and give something back. You’ll be a better person for it and so will your family. Christmas in Vanuatu – a unique giving experience.

7. No awkward family get-togethers Christmas in vanuatu

Guess what? When you spend Christmas in Vanuatu you get to choose who you spend your time with! Everyone else is far, far away. Imagine – no in-fighting, no arguments, no distant cousins sponging off you, no politics or scandals – just your closest family/friends enjoying the tropical paradise on your doorstep. And best of all you don’t have to break the bank to do it. In addition to the fancy resorts and hotels, Vanuatu has a great range of value for money self-contained holiday houses, apartments and bungalows like Turtle Bay Beach House!

Christmas in vanuatu

*Turtle Bay Beach House, Espiritu Santo

8. Ditch the presents for an experience Christmas in vanuatu

It’s always hard trying to buy the right presents for your friends/family. So this Christmas break the rules and put the money towards an awesome once in a lifetime experience instead. Stop collecting things and start collecting memories! In Vanuatu this could mean a sailing trip to a tropical island, a hike up a volcano, a dive on a world class shipwreck or a cocktail and a stroll along a palm-fringe beach. Christmas in Vanuatu – the choice is yours!

9. You have an excuse to drink cocktails every day Christmas in vanuatu

Sure, at home you could probably get away with a cocktail or two on Christmas Day and maybe Boxing Day but when you’re in Vanuatu on holidays, well….every day is a cause for celebration (and every sunset is an excuse for happy hour!). And the good news is, Vanuatu has the most amazing tropical fruits so those cocktails will taste extra yummy (Vanuatu is also blessed with fantastic beer and a great selection of Aussie wines!). Click here for a great blog on Vanuatu’s Weird Fruits you just have to try)

christmas in vanuatu holiday houses Espiritu Santo, holiday house santo vanuatu

*Turtle Bay , bay of islands, Espiritu Santo

10. You’ll be happier – and so will everyone around you

Your family/friends are going to love you for choosing to spend Christmas in Vanuatu –what’s not to love about a tropical island paradise?  You’ll be relaxed, less stressed and happy. And so will the people around you – literally. Vanuatu, after all, has been voted the happiest place on the planet not once but twice! So as the saying goes, don’t worry, be happy!