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Horseriding Vanuatu & Espiritu Santo

A Local’s Guide to Horseriding Vanuatu and Espiritu Santo

There is not a lot of options when it comes to horseriding Vanuatu or Espiritu Santo but the good news is that what is available is great value for money and a fantastic all round experience. On Efate Island (Port Vila) there are three companies that offer horserides, tours and adventures depending on your experience – Club Hippique Adventure Park, The Rider’s Club of Vanuatu and the Vanuatu Equestrian Centre. On Espiritu Santo there are three choices – Santo Horse Adventures, Ratua Island Resort and Port Olry Horserides. And finally on Tanna there is a company that offers horseriding adventures around and near the volcano. 

Let’s have a closer look at all of them.

A LIttle Bit About the Horses

The original horses that were brought to Vanuatu no doubt arrived with the French and British plantation owners in the late 1800’s. The bloodlines were more than likely French and from New Caledonia. Over the years these bloodlines have been mixed with Quarter horse, Arab, Thoroughbred, Clydesdale, and Appaloosa. So the island horses tend to vary in size from small to quite large. On Santo you’ll often see Vanuatu cowboys riding their horses around rounding up the beef cattle. Most of the horses used by the main tour companies have been trained to be quiet, gentle and relaxed. 

Horseriding Vanuatu
Horseriding Vanuatu
Horseriding vanuatu

Horseriding Vanuatu & Espiritu Santo

Horseriding Espiritu Santo

Santo Horse Adventures

Located in Suranda on the east coast of Espiritu Santo, Santo Horse Adventures is based at“The Ranch” (look for the sign on the right about a km after crossing the Suranda bridge) This is a beautiful location for horseriding, with rainforest, coconut plantations, crystal blue rivers and a pristine white sand beach to explore! Megan-Jane is the owner and is passionate about her business – she runs the Santo horseriding operation like a pro. For a very reasonable price, she will take you and the kids trail riding through the bush and even out onto the beach and into the ocean! In her spare time Megan rescues horses and rehabilitates them at her horse sanctuary. Click here for more info or check out our top10 Things to Do page HERE

Port Olry Horseriding

This locally owned and run horseriding adventure is based in the Francophone fishing village of Port Olry. It’s oficially called Billion Horseriding but most people know it as Port Olry horseriding and it’s run by two siblings, Jean-Marc and Jean-Luc. They can take you on a beach or bush trail ride, usually around 1.5 hrs. Cost is around 6000vt pp. The ride to their village, on the other side of the river is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about island lifestyle and taste some local fruits. You can also do a trail ride up to the top of the mountain overlooking Port Olry. This is truly spectacular. The horses are well trained however the equipment is a little worn, the safety helmets are no existant and there is no insurance (so remember to bring your own). Call 593 5224 or check out their Facebook page HERE  or email them at  

Ratua Island Resort Horseriding

It’s possible to go to Ratua Island Resort just for a day trip and book into a horseriding tour while there. The big attraction here is you get to ride on the beach and swim with your horses in the lagoon out front. Ratua is about a 35 min boatride from Luganville, but its a stunningly beautiful island – the horseback tour lasts an hour or so and takes you across the entire island, past centuries-old trees, an emerald lagoon and numerous beaches. Then you swim bareback with the horses in the lagoon. There are aaround 15 free-ranging horses on Ratua based at Manade Ranch.


Horseriding vanuatu

Horseriding Accommodation Espiritu Santo

We recommend you stay at Turtle Bay Beach House while experiencing your horseriding adventures on Santo. It’s half way between the two horseriding centres of Port Olry and Suranda and they offer great value for money, self contained accommodation (cottages and beach house). There’s even a laundry on site so you can wash your smelly horse clothes after the ride. To check out the accommodation click HERE

Horseriding Vanuatu & Espiritu Santo

Horseriding Vanuatu (Port Vila/Efate Island)

The Riders Club – Bellevue Hils, Port Vila

The Riders’ Club Vanuatu offers a diverse range of equestrian services and experiences to riders of all ages and abilities.From group lessons, to monthly memberships, or even a simple quick trail ride in your own private group, the Riders’ Club caters for all types. If you love horseriding Vanuatu this is an amazing horseriding experience and only a short drive from the centre of town.

The horses are healthy and well-trained, the guides are knowledgeable and all riding levels are catered for (however all riders must be under 90kgs). They take children from the age of 6.  The club also hosts show jumping, dressage, cross-country, 2 day events,orientation races, and pony games so well worth calling them and seeing whats on..Approx. 5000vt per person for a 1.5hr ride which is excellent value

The ranch is nestled in Bellevue Hills and is hidden from public roads and features a running stream and acres of green pasture and paddocks for the horses and ponies to enjoy, Founded by Stéphanie, a passionate equestrian with a storied journey, the club’s roots trace back to her love for riding in her native France. In 2004, her equestrian odyssey brought her to Vanuatu, where after several years as an instructor, she established The Riders’ Club.

Directtions to get to Bellevue Park. Turn left at Bellevue, after USP. Continue up the hill until Manaro. Turn left at Manaro and take the second road on the left at the bottom of the hill. They are 50 metres down that road on the left hand side.  Website:  Phone: +678 5279593 or +678 7752985 email:  or

Club Hippique Adventure Park

Club Hippique is located on the shores of beautiful Etmat Bay, Erakor a short 15 minute drive from the centrte of Port Vila. They have over 50 horses which means they can cater to riders of every experience. Tours range from 45 minutes to 5 hours, some include BBQ lunch and a sunset ride with a Charcuterie board. You can also ride your horse along the beach and take them for a swim in the beautiful bay. Cost ranges from $90 to $160 pp depending on the ride and whether it includes food/drinks etc. They are very professional, organised and their staff, horses and gear are all top knotch. Been around a long time and the area where they operate from is stunning so def. my fist choice for horseriding Vanuatu. Contact PH: +678 23347  M: +678 5566947 M: +678 7723347  E:   Website

The Vanuatu Equestrian Centre

Like The Riders Club, The Vanuatu Equestrian Centre is also located at Bellevue Park in Port Vila. It’s an equestrian leisure facility and tourist attraction that provides horse agistment, horse training and riding instruction services as well as guided trail riding and variety of outdoor activities and events including show competitions, parties and more. The owner, Ms De Ceuster said that in addition to the group trail riding,there was also lessons for kids and adults of all abilities,vacation/school holiday camps. pony club, horse training in horsemanship and traditional disciplines and events including pony parties. Classes for ages 4 and above. Email: . Contact the Vanuatu Equestrian Centre website: , email: , or contact Derryn on 7553336 or 7752984

Horseriding Vanuatu & Espiritu Santo

Horseriding Tanna Island

Based at Manmimar Nature Lodge, this horseriding adventure is different to any other in that it offers trailriding around a live volcano! The  Lodge offer horse riding treks as part of their “Nature Package”. Choice of one hour trail rides which meander through lush quiet jungle or an overnight trek to the famous Mount Yasure volcano! All horses trained by Tom Nangam, the original Vanuatu horse whisperer. The Lodge is in a great location on the edge of Lenakel, walking distance to the fresh markets, the sea front and the bakery. They have horses to suit every riding ability from age 6 to 60+.