Have you ever dreamed of chilling out in a giant overwater hammock in the tropics with your family and friends, shaded by the ancient branches of a massive tree and listening to the waves lap the shore? Well, Turtle Bay Beach House, a popular holiday house overlooking picturesque Turtle Bay lagoon on Santo’s east coast, recently turned that dream into a reality for all its guests.

Measuring around 5m by 5m, the Vanuatu giant hammock can literally fit a whole family inside it. And it’s purported to be the largest overwater hammock in Vanuatu! It was specially made in Australia out of knotless safety netting, which is commonly used on building sites to create fall barriers.

Although it was originally 8m x 5m, the owners of the holiday house found it was just too big and sagged in the middle when it was stretched from the overwater deck to the nearby tree, so they had to cut it down in size.

vanuatu giant hammock The hammock can take about 450kg of weight at one time (i.e couple of adults and handful of kids) and is supported by a steel frame and concrete posts.

It hangs about 2m above the water so when the tide comes in, you are literally laying above the calm waters of the lagoon. It’s very tranquil and idyllic and the giant tamanu tree towering above it provides excellent shade in summer,

The Vanuatu giant hammock is the newest addition to Turtle Bay Beach House, which opened in late 2015, and has steadily grown in popularity (along with Santo tourism) thanks to its value for money approach, its unique location and its choice of self-contained holiday options.